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A Crash Course on Humans

What makes up a human? One would argue cells, DNA, & chemicals; Others would take a more introspective approach and say soul, consciousness, & spirit. Both would be correct.

Acknowledging the vast array of facets that make up human nature and its brilliance and faults will shape how we utilize and form technology in the future. By considering the assets and fragilities of humanity and creating a foundational model, the implementation of interfaces that puts humans at the centre of technology can help protect and foster humanity.

Sub-facets of academia have looked at humanity from a vast array of perspectives, from sociology and psychology to biology and neuroscience, each with its unique approach to humanity.

Our goal is to gather the best from all these perspectives and collectively understand, shallowly, the human conditions: to love, to laugh, to focus, to learn. And then to ask ourselves what role does and should technology play in this complex network we call humanity. We would argue that how can we ever seek to integrate digital technology if we do not truly know ourselves.

Without these foundational pieces, we are patching a leaky pipe with a post-it note; it may work for a second, but it will never solve the problem. How can current pedagogical tools and fixes, like tech for good movements, apply band-aid fixes on a problem they cannot begin to comprehend.


Megan (she/her) is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in hospitality, data management, criminal justice, and situational crime prevention. As Interim Lead for the Centre for Social Impact Technology, she utilizes systems thinking and multidisciplinary approaches to address complex problems. Megan’s expertise in public interest technology has been recognized, and she has published research on cult practices in social media and Indigenous parole conditions. With a BA (Hons) in Criminal Justice and numerous accolades, including the 2023 Centennial Gold Medal, Megan is actively involved in community initiatives, particularly focused on homelessness and vulnerable populations.

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