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“The Role of AI in Today’s Society: A Tool For Education”

Just a few months ago, the ChatGPT, a revolutionary AI technology, was released and has since changed the world’s view of artificial intelligence and its impact on daily life. Thanks to ChatGPT, software engineers can now able to utilize the use of AI in coding, while people in their daily lives can use ChatGPT to make their daily activities more efficient.

However, this advancement in AI technology has also caused concern among many individuals, particularly among actors and scriptwriters in the US who have recently gone on strike against big OTT channels that want to use AI to replace human jobs.

Despite the high level of concern, major tech companies such as Google and Apple are still actively developing their versions of ChatGPT. The next generation will be able to use AI tools in much the same way that we use Google today. However, the competition between AI and humans creates pressure on creators to come up with new and exceptional ideas that AI cannot replicate. As society develops, I am confident that we will find new ways to work with AI tools.

In my opinion, AI should be viewed as a tool to boost and organize ideas. As a second language English speaker, I often struggle with understanding the nuances of English and conveying the appropriate tone in my writing. Writing is informative but also conveys emotions and feelings. Every writer includes their own feelings and emotions in their essay. With the help of AI tools, I am able to ask questions freely without feeling limited or pressured. If I had to rely solely on a private tutor, I would feel a lot of pressure and waste time and energy.

Therefore, I firmly believe that AI tools can be very useful from an educational perspective, as they encourage people to ask creative questions and think creatively. Furthermore, with the help of AI tools, people can explore new and innovative ideas that they may not have considered before. This is how I approach AI tools, using them to enhance my abilities and not allowing AI to mold me. In conclusion, AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, and with careful development and use, it can be a powerful tool for enhancing our abilities, rather than a replacement for human thought and creativity.


Seonyoung Chloe:

She is dedicated to promoting digital literacy through her writing, fuelled by a passion for leveraging technology to create positive social impact and bridging the digital divide.

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