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Ashley Wedderburn

Advisory Board

As the Manager of Community Wellbeing Strategies, Ashley leads a team advancing social wellbeing and social equity initiatives at The City of Calgary. She has over 12 years of experience in the municipal sector, including roles in intergovernmental affairs advocating for social policy changes and community services working with internal and external partners.

Ashley’s current portfolio of work includes funding strategies that support a continuum of prevention and intervention activities by non-profit partners; community-based strategies that tackle issues such as poverty, food insecurity and digital equity; social wellbeing initiatives including the Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy; and supporting other City services to embed equity in their operations.

She is The City’s representative on several community and City boards and committees, including the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership, the Social Wellbeing Advisory Committee, and the Age-Friendly Steering Committee. The thread through all of this is Ashley’s desire to make connections to leverage and amplify efforts to make Calgary a great place for everyone.

Ashley Wedderburn
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