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Chelsea Tolentino

Social Impact Technology Project Assistant

Chelsea Tolentino is the Project Assistant at the Centre for Social Impact Technology, and is currently a Computer Science student at Athabasca University. 

“When I first broke into the tech industry, it was at the recommendation of a friend. I hadn’t the faintest idea of the career paths that were under the umbrella of ‘tech’ and had no idea how to even get a foot through the door. I was incredibly lucky to have someone recommend a boot camp, which led me to start teaching myself the basics, and getting started on some projects. 

I’ve always had an affinity for creativity and designing. This is why putting in the effort to organize and code web pages and projects as a career has brought forth a sense of satisfaction that I was previously missing.

Even with the support system that I have around me, I understand the hesitation that one might feel when jumping into an entirely new industry. One might ask: “Where do I even begin?” “Is there anyone, or anyplace that will help me?”, all of which are completely valid inquiries. 

Here at the Centre for Social Impact Technology, I’m hoping that those who are interested in, or even curious, about the various tech branches, are able to get a better understanding of what exactly they are stepping into along with the necessary support they might need.”

Chelsea Tolentino
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