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Tim Lipp

Interim Lead

Tim Lipp has a background in mapping the boundaries of language, and its impact on community development. As an early victim of digital education, (completing highschool online in the early 2000's), he became literate in technology quickly. Tim Lipp has published work impacting communities around the world, and won competitions at some of the top business advisory firms in Calgary. Most recently he worked as Interim COO for an electrical vehicle infrastructure company. As a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), he is well versed in the governance and cybersecurity requirements in the tech industry. He also serves on two non-profit boards. Tim has an extensive network and passion for the positive impact of bettering our world with digital tools. You can find his poetry on Amazon. 

At CSIT he is working to more accurately map and energize the spectrum between social impact and corporate technological scale. 

Tim Lipp
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