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Yevgen Balytskyy

Research Analyst

Yevgen, an accomplished public sector professional, joins the Centre for Social Impact Technology team bringing with him an array of experience that encompasses over 15 years in both the federal, non-profit sector in Ukraine and the municipal sector in Canada. His journey with the Centre for Social Impact Technology aligns perfectly with his deep passion for social innovation, open data, and poverty reduction.

Working most recently with the City of Winnipeg, Yevgen’s work portfolio is punctuated by impressive feats of statistical and geospatial analysis. With a keen focus on advocating for social policy changes and enhanced community services, he has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to facilitating impactful social transformation. His role in data preparation and analysis for the Poverty Reduction Strategy illustrates his dedication to social welfare and his understanding of the crucial role that technology can play in social change.

Among Yevgen’s notable achievements is the development of a novel methodology for calculating the annual payments of City of Winnipeg Community Centers. This innovation not only streamlined municipal procedures but also set a precedent for using data to inform and optimize administrative processes.

Yevgen’s work with the open data project underscored his ability to leverage digital technology for social good.

At the Centre for Social Impact Technology, Yevgen will contribute to our mission of fostering a technology-driven innovation ecosystem that is not only socially beneficial but also socially transformative. His dedication to responsible, open, inclusive, shared, and regenerative practices aligns seamlessly with our vision.

Yevgen Balytskyy
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